“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

Helen Keller

Quote by Helen Keller is perfect to describe our point of view about collaboration. Projects are always more successful when they are done by a perfect team. Collaboration brings together different perspectives, sharing and exchanging talents and know-how to find innovative solutions.

At Best Cybernetics we are committed to collaborating with European organizations willing to tackle digital challenges in education, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Discover what we can do and what we offer apart from our digital expertise:

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of European project management and funding, ranging from:

    • project writing and development
    • assist members in finding project partners
    • taking part in projects as component leader
    • taking part in projects as full partner
    • communication and disseminating activities: our team can take care of developing the project’s visual identity in its entirety, including project logos, website, and presentation templates. We have extensive experience in creating effective visual solutions for the project’s dissemination activities (notice boards, brochures, leaflets, posters, and much more).

We welcome enquiries about cooperation on future projects, and we can also help businesses and academic institutions with the application process for various funding sources.

You can access additional resources, and find inspiration, by visiting the projects’ websites. Further information can be obtained by contacting us directly.

Get in touch to find out more: