The idea for a successful project should come from a clear understanding that something is missing and could be updated or improved. You should have a concrete Idea with facts to fit the program’s objectives, priorities and requirements.

    • Make sure that this is a problem and addresses your institution (sector /country) needs. Then share and discuss your idea with relevant authorities.
    • Assess the relevance of your project to ERASMUS+.

What is possible in the framework of ERASMUS+ in which your project will be implemented?

    • Identify the target groups your project is addressed to solve needs/problems. Make sure that they can be involved in the project and find the best form of involvement.
    • Identify partners who face the needs/problems, can provide expertise and can assist in dissemination and sustainability. Make sure they can efficiently be involved in the project. Cooperation is based on trust, on confidence and on rasmused agreements, ensuring institutional commitment and defining the role and tasks of each partner


Carefully read the guide and not write alone!


    • Coherent in its entirety; avoid contradictions; avoid “patchwork”
    • Simple & concrete: use examples, justify your statements, bring proofs
    • Clear: follow the questions and answer them in the right order
    • Explicit: do not take anything for granted; do not assume experts will always immediately understand; avoid abbreviations or explain them
    • Rigorous: the application is the basis on which your project will be implemented; it is also the cornerstone of your partnership commitment
    • Focused: stick to what is asked
    • Complete: ensure (twice!) you have followed all the instructions and that the proposal fulfils all the mandatory requirements
    • Easy read language: Keep most sentences 10-15 words long. Use varied sentence length to make them interesting, but keep sentences simple.

A successful proposal…

    • demonstrates that the combination of all its elements will produce concrete and sustainable results for the benefit of all the parties concerned
    • has been prepared and agreed jointly by all consortium partners
    • involves representatives from the world of work and bridges the needs of academia and the labour market
    • has received the full institutional commitment and support of all consortium partners
    • is ready to start immediately after the selection decision

We wish you a lot of success for your application!