ARCHIDICT is an illustrative multilingual dictionary for architects, builders and construction workers.

ARCHIDICT aims to support:

    • Those working in the architecture and construction field;
    • Students willing to increase their knowledge;
    • Teachers and educators with a learning tool;
    • Mobility and capacity to work and study abroad or in international teams.

“But how exactly does it work? What is its structure and what makes it so original?”

ARCHIDICT doesn’t consist of an ordinary online dictionary. It is actually two subsystems, the online dictionary containing over 1500 terms in eight! different languages (English, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish)  and an e-learning platform, where teachers and students will be able to perform online tests based on the illustrations, terms and information received from the online dictionary. The terms will not be presented to the user in the simple standard format that has a common online dictionary, but as Illustrations of interactive images.

This is exactly where Best Cybernetics innovates, with the Interactive Image Map Editor tool. This tool provides the ability to create images for responsive layouts, scales beautifully on every kind of device, has a bespoke content builder that lets add rich content to the tooltips of the image map, and create custom shapes where you can enrich them with text, links, videos and other kind of multimedia material.

The user will be able to search for an architectural term in any language he wants, having as a result an interactive image enriched with videos, links, and a sound file with the pronunciation of the term in each language!

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