November 11, 2020 George

Best Cybernetics presents DIGISETS: Digital Skills Evaluation Tool and Support

The DIGISETS project tackles a growing mismatch between existing digital
skill levels and needed skill profiles, even in previously not highly digitalised
work environments.
Experienced organisations and training providers from AT, BG, ES, EL
cooperate to reach the following objectives:
First, to draw a map/framework of work-relevant digital skills (previous
research and data). Second, to design an evaluation toolkit for organisations.
The tool is multi-dimensional and gives a wider view of hard and soft digital
skills in an accessible form. Mainly the toolkit will be designed for education
professionals working with (prospective) employees in TOURISM and RETAIL
sector. The toolkit is produced and programmed together in English, and then
translated into the partner languages.

In the long-term, the project shows that investing in the further development,
especially digital skills of employees, is of utmost importance if one wants to
successfully transit towards the digital workplace and embrace the
challenges and potentials of I 4.0
Digital transformation and customer experience go hand in
hand. These figures show the growth and importance of
digital transformation, its impact on customer experience
and digital challenges and opportunities for the future.


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