Biomam is the eshop of a special laboratory that maintains the traditional way of making products, contributing to their much better taste and aroma, bringing back to our memory flavors from the past in every product produced.

Coming to us, the Biomam team was looking for an eshop that would allow the products to be sold outside the geographical constraints of their production, with a modern design, but without losing the traditional touch that the brand exudes.




The creation of a modern, functional and with innovative design, eshop, without losing the traditional character of the brand and the products produced.


We incorporated a modern and functional mechanism that would allow the smooth management of ordering and the correct display of the eshop products. At the same time, the graphic design and the details provided convey the traditional character and the special philosophy of the company.


The result is perfectly interwoven with the latest technological standards, while the philosophy of the company is kept unchanged, along with maintaining the brand as highly competitive in the sector in which it operates.

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