Casa electric

Casa Electric company was founded in 2007 with headquarters in Patras, its service in the field of electrical equipment – spare parts of electrical appliances – small appliances – refrigeration and ventilation – as well as lamps and led technology in all their range.

Coming to us, the Casa Electric team aimed to create a multifunctional online store that would respond to the quality of the products available, in order to provide the best and highest quality result to consumers.

Casa Electric



The biggest challenge for e-shop businesses is the level of service in high demand conditions. Competition does not allow for long-term strategies, product transportation and delivery experience, stock management and technology upgrades are the most important challenges identified today.


It is the user experience that plays the biggest role. That’s why we created a multi-functional and easy-to-use e-shop that enables fast and meaningful navigation and service for visitors.


We managed to create a fully functional & autonomous eshop, always keeping in mind the customer-centric nature of the brand and based on the latest technologies. Adding value to the business with a professional digital profile that exudes quality & meaningful service for consumers.

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