Friends travel

FRIENDS PATRAS TRAVEL was founded in Patras in 2016 and consists of young people with vision and ambition. With the main characteristic of offering the best service to the public and with professional consistency, the company has managed to present itself in a short time in the field of tourism and international travel.

For FRIENDS PATRAS TRAVEL, whose principle is that travel is entertainment, a matter of choosing the destination, pleasant accommodation, economic combinations, suitable buses, responsibility, proper planning and organization, we have designed a website that is both functional and stylish. Here the journey begins from the first navigation and the traveler immediately feels the personalized attention and the desire to fulfill all his travel needs!

Friends Travel



The creation of a fully up-to-date website, with reservations and offers as well as a portfolio that would serve the traveling public in an optimal way.


We built a highly functional website that is responsive and handles any volume of bookings while presenting an impressive portfolio of amenities and services.


The website, responsive to computers and mobile devices is called upon to clearly showcase the Travel Agency’s services enabling the user to easily and quickly search and book the excursion of their choice.

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