Google AdWords is an easy-to-use targeted advertising tool in Google's search results, for which you only pay if someone clicks on the advertisement and not just the pay per click (PPC).

Google AdWords allows you to create text or image advertisements (banners) that you set to appear for certain keywords whenever a user searches for information on the internet related to these words.

The Facebook advertisement, also known as "Facebook advertisementss," allows you to display your products or services to the target audience, at little or no cost, depending on the reach and engagement your advertisement receives. And the best; It allows you to choose where to display your advertisement (in the News Feed on desktop or mobile, in third-party Facebook applications or in the right column) and experiment until you can safely conclude on what works best for you and your audience. This information will also be very useful to you in your next Facebook campaigns.

According to a recent Focus Bari survey, about 51% of the Greek people prefer Facebook from other social media channels.

At Best Cybernetics, we build cost-effective campaigns by creating targeted graphics and choosing the right criteria (location, demographics, interests, behaviors) to take advantage of Facebook's popularity for your business.

The Social Network Marketing Module focuses on the exploitation of social networks aiming both to create an open dialogue of the business with Internet users and to expand its clientele through the implementation of on-line promotional / promotional activities.

Email marketing is a method of directing sales or services by sending bulk emails. We do not mean, of course, sending bulk spam, but sending emails to people who have previously received information and can at any time set aside this decision. The so-called mailing lists can be created with a variety of methods and include both existing customers and prospective prospects.

Sending Bulk emails are also known as newsletters and is a technique that, if implemented correctly, has immediate effects on sales growth.

Search Engine Optimization Module is a series of actions and techniques that are performed to show your site as high as possible to the physical results of search engines, based on specific words that the user.

A set of practices that are used to enhance and optimize your website so that internet users can find it when they search for specific keywords.

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