July 18, 2019 bestcybernetics

Technical online meeting for the European Canvass+ Program

A technical online meeting for the European Canvass + Program was successfully held.
During the meeting, BestCybernetics made a detailed presentation of the custom application it has developed to the project partners.

What is CANVASS + (Content Audio Video Video Management SyStem Plus):

The project is a partnership of actors from Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania. Its aim is to answer a number of issues raised in the pedagogical process.
A study implemented in 170 classes with the participation of 85 teachers showed that interactivity improves the learning capacity of the child by 16%, meaning that a child with average performance could rise to one third of the best students in his class. It is also known that the image is more easily captured by the text. The same study showed that the use of visual and / or audio media significantly favors learning. In particular, the use of images, diagrams, graphs, video tapes and web material improves student performance by 26%. The question, therefore, is not whether to use interactive technology in the classroom but
a) What are the tools teachers have to make use of interactive technology in school?
b) To what extent can teachers respond to and adapt to new developments in the use of new technologies in education? Do they have the required supplies? Are they getting the necessary professional training they need?
c) What are the tools that could be used even by a teacher with minimal computer knowledge? CANVASS + is therefore nothing more than a set of digital tools that allow an educator with basic knowledge of technology to design and develop their own digital educational material.

It is an online application that allows teachers and educators to create their own educational videos from scratch. With simple steps and digital tools, you can:

• Draw shapes / forms
• Add content, pictures, sounds, images, videos, characters, and movement
• Define the duration of each text or photo
• Save your videos to a personal account.
• Export videos to mp4 format.

CAnVASS + is a software that is designed:

• Create video lessons in 5 easy steps.
• Be easy to use and accessible to everyone, even to those teachers and instructors with low digital skills.
• Contain all the main functions of video processors, but with an intuitive and easy interface.

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