Bring it back


Bring It Back was launched with one main goal: To get Greece out of the negative spiral of environmental pollution caused by the food that is not consumed.

The Bring It Back team contacted us looking for a comprehensive brand recognition and consolidation solution to raise environmental awareness among potential customers and beyond. Through the creation of a mobile app, a website, but also through the use of digital marketing tools and techniques, we managed to increase brand awareness. At the same time, we managed to bring restaurant businesses and consumers together and develop a digital ecosystem with the common goal of reducing the amount of food waste for mutual benefit. Both for store owners and consumers and for the environment in general.

Bring it back

Mobile App
Custom App


The Bring It Back team turned to us because they were looking for a comprehensive brand recognition and consolidation solution. A major challenge was the fact that the project was completely new by Greek standards.


By developing a custom app, but also by building a website and using brandingand marketing channels in parallel, we managed to build an integrated brand that is fully functional and serves the Greek market with sustainability and food waste reduction in mind.


We managed to increase brand awareness while connecting the restaurant industry with consumers by developing a digital ecosystem that is profitable and based on Bring It Back’s core principle of “We feed you in a way that saves the planet.”

We aim to a future
where words food and waste
never go together

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