Educational dynamics

EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS was founded in 1984 and is an accredited Language and Teacher Education Centre situated in Hermoupolis, the capital city of the island of Syros and of the Cyclades Islands in the South Aegean.

EDUCATIONAL DYNAMICS uses new technologies and modern teaching methods, and runs courses in a multilingual field of study. It operates throughout the year offering full-time courses to children, teenagers, adults, and professionals leading to international certifications. It also offers specialized courses to interesting parties in different fields of expertise.

Educational Dynamics



Construction of a website that will highlight the multispectral character of the center, while combining user information with modern and asynchronous teaching methods.


We created a customized eshop perfectly connected to the philosophy and identity of Educational Dynamics. Taking into account the needs & requirements of our client and always keeping in mind the multi-spectral character of the center, we managed to capture the vision of Educational Dynamics, in a comprehensive website.


More specifically, we created a responsive website, based on the latest styles, graphic design, and web development. Thus, we added unlimited possibilities and an informative character that highlights all the possibilities and facilities of the center.

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